Family in the Medical Field

Having an uncle in the medical field is quite awesome. The stories I get to hear him tell are sometimes gruesome and sometimes heroic. Based on what he has told me, I believe you must be called to the medical field in order to make a career of it. The surgeries he has performed and been a part of have changed lives. He is a true professional at what he does. He can explain into great detail all that goes into various surgeries like replacing a hip, or a knee. But one of the hardest stories I had to hear him tell was about a person needing an ostomy procedure. This person had to have their stool redirected to come out of their abdomen.

Just thinking about that made me very nauseous and queasy. Ostomies are something I definitely wouldn’t like to have to deal with. The good thing is, there are professionals in the field that are willing to walk alongside you in every way you could imagine. They provide ostomy supplies that help make dealing with the surgery so much easier. They show you exactly how to wear certain products like one of the belts they provide. This belt is one of many different supplies that allow you to participate in various activities without worrying about whether or not your bag will be held securely in place.

If I indeed ever had to have an ostomy procedure done, I know that I would be able to make it through the dreadful process based on the knowledge in the field alone. There would be plenty of help along the way.

Much like an athlete wears various braces to help make sport manageable in the midst of pain or injury, there are many different options of ostomy supplies to make daily life manageable for someone with an ostomy. The brains behind this procedure baffles me, but what even further shocks me is the brains behind the creator of the supplies.

If you’ve ever twisted your ankle, you may think “how am I going to walk again?” until you put on a medical boot and realize that with the help of something to hold it in place, walking is pretty manageable.

The same goes for those specialized supplies. You may think “how am I ever going to manage going to the restroom like this”, then you put on your belt and you’re good to go.

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