Sports are a big part of my life. I love the competition. I love the fun. I love the joy. I love games in general. But with physical participation in sports, a lot of injuries can come. My brother was the first person I saw dealing with injuries when he nearly broke his ankle. He had ankle problems ever since and has always had to wear ankle braces. I didn’t have the first type of injury until I got out of high school. I was playing basketball and I too rolled my ankle bad enough that I needed crutches for a week.

Therefore, I started wearing ankle braces myself. But because your ankles were made to take the brunt of the constant impact the game of basketball causes, they need to be strong enough on their own. Braces keep the impact off your ankles. This may be good for a period of time, but eventually it will lead to knee problems if you continue to wear the braces.

So, not only was I now wearing ankle braces, I was also wearing knee braces. With sport, you see a lot of different kind of braces and supplies that help keep you from injury or further injury.

 But, I had never seen the type of contraption my friend had to wear. He had to have an ostomy procedure as a 25 year old. He didn’t want to stop playing basketball though. Therefore, he had to find various ostomy supplies like a belt that would allow him to continue to play the game he loved. I was very surprised he was able to continue playing. But, with the help of his tailored brace, that no one could really see since it was around his waste area, he got to enjoy competing and having fun through sport.

My friend was an inspiration to me because despite his troubles, he was able to persevere and fight through just like any athlete would. Most athletes are able to fight through because of having the proper equipment, braces, supplies, etc. that allow them to keep playing in the midst of injury.

Due to the ostomy supplies he received, my friend was also able to continue on with his life on and off the basketball court. I can’t say I hope to ever be in his shoes, but if I am indeed in his shoes, I know I will be taken care of because of the products out there to help me.